Conference and party venue

By opening and closing sliding walls, the entire brasserie can be divided into dining and/or meeting rooms for groups of all sizes. A unique location, situated at the entrance to Weert, at a corner of the Stationsplein (station square). The cozy space is adorned with elements that are striking but yet have a familiar feel, in combination with large sepia prints of classic scenes from in and around the station. The idea of ​​a ‘living room at the station’ is enhanced by the ‘natte hoek’ (refreshment corner) right at the entrance, at a bar featuring a photograph on the back wall of Antje herself, overseeing your pleasant drink.

Pallandtzaal € 100,-
Noteboszaal € 100,-
Antjezaal € 175,-
Videowall € 150,-
TV screen € 75,-
Heerenkamer € 150,-
Flipover € 25,-
Microphone/HEADSET € 45,-
Free – WIFI Free